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Employer Sponsored Benefits

Employee Benefits Information
Why are employee benefits important?
Comprehensive benefit packages are important for a number of reasons:
• Employees expect them in this day and age; it is one of the ways employers are evaluated and regarded in the marketplace. The sense is that if employers don’t have concern for the well-being of its’ employees, employees don’t want to work there.
• So it stands to reason that partial sponsorship of the cost of benefits is a very attractive motivator for employees who are evaluating employers in a competitive marketplace. These sponsored benefits are attractive to job seekers, particularly if benefits extend to their families. Offering a competitive benefit package can give you the edge you need to hire and maintain a quality, dedicated staff.
• Wellness in the workplace is an increasingly common concern and interest for almost all employees. Trimming sick and absentee days always make sense to the employer. Having a generally healthy employee populations serves the employers bottom line.
What types of employee benefits are available?
Medical benefits
• Medical
• Dental
• Vision
Life, accident insurance and disability plans
• Basic and supplemental life
• Disability
• Business travel
• 401(k) savings plans (often includes company matching)
Additional benefits
• Tuition reimbursement program
• Paid holidays
• Vacation days
• Sick and bereavement days
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